Sunday, May 08, 2011

So sick :(

Finish work @ Tiong Bahru Plaza's Mac, chatting with hubby's friends, after that head to Geylang Lor 25A with Kele, Junming & Jan.

Nothing much today, just stressful with the same problem!
Hubby & i going crazy soon..

Anyway, feeling so sick! Not fever or what, at first was Gastric pain, took some medication resting & watching show with hubby. End up feel like vomiting, went to the basin vomit nth up, just tolerating

The feeling super scuks!

Photos below; taken ytd :)

Monday, May 02, 2011

I need comment on this, pls! Overdue photos for me & Valencia :)


I can't judge whether did i slim down or still maintain that same fat size? I need you readers to help me judge, LOL! Because my first day of start work, my in-charge pass me a "L" size uniform, zzz! super sad. Do i look like i'm wearing "L"?! I wore my shorts that i brought at CNY, when i try there it was JUST NICE. But when i wear it this few days, it's like SUPER LOOSE, i can even squeeze my whole hand in the left out space & is like keep dropping down, LOL!
Even my belt, keep dropping down, b
ut overall, i'm very happy! That's prove that i slim down. Hahaha!
Didn't really weight, maybe tmr went work i can weight how much KG i dropped, hahaha!

**I didn't take any pills, like slimming pills or when for slimming sessions etc. I believe diet is the best way. Anyway, i ate 1 meal everyday, mostly is sandwiches ONLY for my whole day :)
But hubby always force me to eat, zzz!

Below: Let's Judge... I really need some comment on this, LOLL!

Above; Was my recent Full-body pic, taken like a Month or Weeks back :)

Recently photos taken like 2 Weeks back :)
when gg back Clementi with hubby for somethings.

Taken when slacking at Tiong Bahru Plaza with hubby, 3 Weeks back :)

Above; Taken when heading to Cineleisure for movie with hubby "The Man From Nowhere"

Rated: ★★★★★ (Full Star)
Because is seriously very nice, even it's a Korean movie. I seldom watch Korean movie, but after this show, hubby & i thinks, Korean movie is actually not that bad.

Below: The rest of the photos is taken Randomly (as i also forgot when did i took that)
Roughly all taken @ My own hus :)

Below; Mostly taken @ Tiong Bahru Plaza, while waiting for hubby at the ATM's Machine, LOL!

Below: Taken right after CNY :)

Just some Cam-Whoring.


Valencia's overdue photos:
She's getting more & more ACTIVE! Which make me, my hub & the whole family busy & tiring looking after her LOL, but we still her a billions :)
Let's enjoy her cute photos;

Below: This is my favorite pic of hers, which everyone comments that she's so cute & chubby.

Okay, was browsing ard some Blogs & Blog-shopping :)

I swear i want to SLIM MOREEE & MOREEE!
I swear i want to get my hair done by this month!
I swear i want unlimited shopping!

As hubby promise me, whatever i want he will give me.

**I've been complaining that my IPhone screen protector, had scratches. very annoying seeing that. So just now he went taking my Phone to change a Screen Protector w/o letting me know. hahaha! it's like nth lah. but at least he gt the heart, always rem what i said & want. heh! Just like my Valentine's present, that Gucci Limited Edition :)

I My hubby :)

Saturday, April 30, 2011



First day start work @ Healthway Medical, Tanjong Pagar, Shenton Way. I tot its was a easy job & under office area, don't have much people. But i was wrong, is super busy as not i expected & my clinic has to do Employment check up & CPF check up also. So almost every minutes there is patient coming in. So far under training i just has to do registration, dispensing medicine, billing & other paper work. So far so good, plus short working hours; 9am - 5.30pm. I enjoy my job :)


After work @ Tanjong Pager, has to head down to Tiong Bahru, Jln Membina to cover night shift for 2 & half hours. Hubby waited for me @ Tiong Bahru Plaza shop ard first & went for movie @ Cineleisure
, "Death Bell Bloody Camp 2" after movie, Home sweet home :)

Taken Otw to Cineleisure.

Rated : ★★★★ over 5 star.


Ytd knock off at 5.30pm, met hubby @ Queenstown MRT, head to BBDC for my Basic Theory Test, i didn't actually study.
End up i failed by 4 Questions, 41/50 :(
But hubby passed 49/50
I went downstair straight to book my next BTT, i tot i can book at May end up the earlieres is at 28 June, Oh my! is like 2 months, but no choice, i still have to book. Hubby accompany me after my BTT then book our Final Theory Test tgt.
Hopefully, i can pass this time :)

After that, went back to Tiong Bahru Plaza, wented to rent DVD for "洪武三十二" but the shop closed :( Slack ard Tiong Bahru Plaza, then headed down to Geylang Lor 13, Met Junming & Kenny, after they left, hubby & i went to Lor 18 till Morning. Saw Ah peng & Noel etc. But didnt talk to them, LOLL!



After @ Geylang , hubby & i didn't get any sleep at all, i go back straight to work for 3 hours (Half day) & Hubby was there to wait for me finish work
Went back to my own hus awhile, get bath till evening, went to Tiong Bahru Plaza, brought 1 pair of shoe & 1 pair of flip flop. After that head back to Geylang again. Saw Junming & Kenny, was there till early morning 9am + went home coma straight till 3am+ then now back to Geylang again, zzz!

Below are some over due photos...

1. With Jacq mei @ Geylang
2. With Mao, Jieying & their little Jayvous @ Chinatown billard :)